Soldiers Elite (Family and Fun)

Soldiers Elite is a 501c3 (nonprofit) Organization comprised of the most talented basketball players in North Alabama.  


We began in 2013 as the iD Soldiers.  Now Soldiers Elite - our mission is the same: To make a differnce in the lives of children in our communities.


In 2015, Soliders Elite will had (3) Teams - 5th Grade, 7th Grade, and 9th Grade.  2016 we had 14 Teams from 4th Grade - 11th Grade.

The Elite Organization is a program designed to train young athletes by postion (1-5) outside of regular team practices.  Players will have the opportunity to learn strength and conditioning exercises as well as speed and agility training techniques by trainers and coaches that played at the College level or beyond.


In 2017, Soldiers Elite will offer Boys Teams 3rd Grade -11th Grade and Girls Teams 6th, 10th & 11th Grade!!!

Elite players will have the opportunity to play in showcases and invitation only events all over the U.S.  We are SERIOUS about getting our players to College!!!


Soldiers Elite is a FAMILY that stresses the importance of getting better and having FUN!!!